First muni

Hello everybody
i found 2 second hand munis and i must decide which one

  1. nimbus 24" muni with 150mm cranks and magura brake (270$)
  2. quax cross 29"-145mm cranks with brake mounts (100$)

I went muni-ing 4-5 times using my 19" trial and i use my 26" for commuting
I’d like to get the 29" cause it’s cheap but is it too difficult to learn on it?


no its not too difficult
buy it

If you can ride a uni already and have tried a little off-road and liked it, get a MUni - it’s great fun and easy to learn the extra skills. :smiley:

(I obviously like QU-AX…)

For that price and the 29er wheelsize, I’d opt for the Qu-Ax.

Yeah, unless you are doing some real technical stuff, go for the 29. It’s a lot of fun and it’s a good price. You may want a brake though.

29er for the win!