First "MUni" (XC?) Ride...

Went on my first “MUni” ride if you could call it that yesterday, and went back today to take some pics…

Yeah, yeah, I know. This isn’t really technical or anything, but it is a dirt road, and there is a few inches of snow on it. Probably more XC than anything. :thinking: I’ve been at this for 3 weeks today and just wanted to try something different.

Rode around a mile or a mile and half, and it was a ton of fun. UPD’d more times than I could count, but the challenge compared to riding around in the yard was definitely welcome.

Gotta say, if it was that much fun with a Kenda NJP (NPJ?) tire that’s almost slick and only 2.1", with 125mm cranks, I can’t wait till I have a MUni.

I’m starting to save up for a new Uni, but need to decide if I want a 24" MUni, a 26" MUni, or a 29" Drak. Decisions, decisions… :roll_eyes:

Either way, most fun I’ve had on my uni so far… :smiley:

Edit: I did find some stuff about MUni on a giraffe. Would like to try that too…


Is that a 24" Nimbus lying in the snow?

If so, changing the cranks to 150mm and getting a 3" tyre would be straightforward and give you an excellent muni.

(pretty much what i ride as my general purpose unicycle)

It’s a Nimbus II 24. The frame won’t allow a 3" tire on it. I wish it could so I could just throw a berm master on it and be done, but I think the biggest it’d fit would be a 2.3, and that would be tight…

I would get a 26in nimbus MUni.

The frame does allow a 2.5" Hookworm but of course this is still a slick tire. I started out with that combination on dirt roads and light trails - but only in dry conditions… :slight_smile:

Glad to know. I tried just measuring it and wasn’t a 100% sure. I can work with 2.5. Seems most tires aren’t what they’re marked? Man, I know of a couple of diff. 2.5’s… More decisions…

Hey Killian, are you near SLC?

There’s a bunch of folks there who’d be glad to take you riding, they also have a variety of unis that you could try before you buy.

Updinutah (Bert) has a 29er…

Naw, I’m hangin around the other end of the state a couple hours away.

Are you sure a 3" tyre won’t fit? I thought the square frame nimbii could take a 3" tyre.

For example-

has, according to the specs-

Frame: 24" Nimbus II ‘Muni’ Unicycle Frame - Black, 42mm


Tyre: Duro Wildlife Leapard 24" x 3" Tyre

which is pretty much the same tyre I’ve got in my 24x3 nimbus- unless the frame on my nimbus is a bigger size than 24"

Yeah, I’m sure. I’m not entirely sure why they call both frames Nimbus II, but one’s just a Nimbus II and the other is a Nimbus II Muni. Looking at the frame I can say that I don’t think there’s any way a 3" would fit, and a 2.5 seems the absolute biggest possible. Hard to see but that’s a 2.1 in the pics above and theres about 3/8" clearance.


It’s nice to have one set up for street and another for dirt.

That’s a shame. is the limitation in the width of the frame, or is it that the top of the frame is too low?

I had one of those unis, they are not worth upgrading, between the single wall rim and narrow frame, it make more sense to buy a completly different uni than try to upgrade:

Nimbus 42mm Rim: $55
Duro Leopard: $55
Nimbus II Muni Frame: $65
Shipping: $20
Wheel Build: $25

$200 + to upgrade to 24 muni
$150 ~ to sell current uni (personally I’d keep it as a trainer)
$310 free shipping for 24/26 Nimbus Muni

If you decide to upgrade, a 29er is a good choice for all around, but a 26er is not bad either, esp when still learning. I rode a 26er through my second year of riding, then jumped to a 29er and after some adjustment I was able to ride it fine. I had a 29er in my first year of riding and was not able to ride it well, hence the 26er.

The Drake is a nice muni, but a used KH 29er would get you a better seat, a lighter frame, and a wider rim. Look for a used one, they come up from time to time.

Limitation is the top of the frame being too low. Just can’t quite squeeze it in there.

Nurse Ben, my rim is double wall which does help it out a little. :smiley: But the narrow/low frame is definitely making this a PITA. With that set up, what Hub were you thinking? Just using the ISIS hub from my Nimbus now? Just curious thanks!

What’s comical, is UDC shows this uni with a Hookworm on it and it’s got TON’S of clearance. That either means the Hookworm is actually closer to 2" or the frame pictured has more clearance…

Take a look:

Right now I’m thinking maybe I do get a slightly larger tire (maybe even a hookworm), get some 150mm cranks, a KH seat, some pinned pedals or Twisted PC’s, and make a quaseye XC/light muni set up with what I’ve got, while I save for something a bit better over the summer.

Thanks for the help guys! :smiley:

Here’s some pics of frame clearances for you guys. Again, 2.1" Kenda NJP tire. This is looking more and more like it ain’t gonna work…:o




thats what im working on. i tacoed my trials rim i just need a tire and rim and frame and spokes for a street 26er

Well, sorry guys, I’m gonna beat this horse some more…

I got word from Josh at UDC that a Hookworm will fit. If a Hookworm would fit, is there any way to tell if another 2.5" tire would fit other than just getting it and trying to put it on? Seems that with tires supposedly being so varied from their marked size, it’s really hard to tell? :frowning: Searches I’ve done point to this, making it seem it’s almost a roll of the dice…

I’ve decided I’m gonna do some small things to my uni now to make it a little more capable for riding where I want to (new cranks, desperatly needs new pedals, tire, seat maybe), and ride it a while to better decide what exactly I want.

I’m just trying to figure out if I can go out and get any 2.5" MTB tire that I think looks good, and put it in my frame or if the Hookworm is just unique for some reason.

Please bear with me, I’m just trying to figure tires out… My brain hurts… :frowning:

You are right, I have the 24" Nimbus (II) MUNI and it can’t possibly be the same frame as yours because I have the Duro Leopard 3" tire with as much (probably more) clearance than what you have now. I’ll try to take a picture for comparison.

For a while UDC was selling a “light” Muni which looked exactly the same as thier Nimbus II but w/ a 2.6" tire and 150 cranks.

The clearance you have looks like a 2.6 would be too big to me (all tires of the ‘same size’ are all slightly bigger/smaller than each other). I’d put on a 2.5 knobby. If it doesn’t quite fit you can shim the bearings a couple of mm and/or grind a few off the bottom of the neck w/o affecting integrity.

Well, if the Hookworm fits, and you guys think a 2.5 will fit, that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m going to be careful though, and just get the tire first to make sure it’ll fit before I get cranks, pedals, seat, etc.

Now I just need to decide on a tire! :smiley: Looking at a Maxxis High Roller (Downhill), or even a Holy Roller (Urban). The HR’s 2.4 and seems a bit more all terrain oriented…

Thanks guys!