First Muni Vid

I just finished my first Muni video, and I use the term Muni loosely!

I just learned a few months ago, this video has no stunts, jumping, or anything like that, just something I put together to send to friends and family and thought I’d post it here as well.

There is some nice scenery though…some redeeming qualities.

The footage was taken at Lutsen Mountain in NE Minnesota by my wife (no, she doesn’t have Parkinson’s…just heading off that questions right away…) :slight_smile:

Indicentally, this is also the first time I made a movie of anything, was fun.

Great job.

I’m just starting to ride the same type of terrain. Makes for a great work out doesn’t it?

Hey very nice job! I was surprised to to the caption pop up “Wave inspired by Uni Geezer”!:stuck_out_tongue: Nice splash through that puddle did you know it would drop a little like that? Way to go man!:smiley:

Well done! Posting my first video (no tricks, either) was very exhilarating - I call it my brag video, and I sent it to all my friends and family. By the way, any chance you can you convince your wife to start unicycling? Where ARE all the women, by the way?

Thanks everyone. :slight_smile: It’s fun to be able to ride trails for a few hours now after the early times when I was just trying to get to the end of the driveway.

Forty: Yep, my wife is learning on the unicycle she originally bought for me. She can’t ride far yet, but is getting steadily better. When she does, I’ll try to convince her to take the Torker and get a new KH for myself… :slight_smile:

Mr. Uni-Geezer: Thanks for the reply! Was hoping you may catch that. I didn’t do the “wave” for that purpose, but when I watched that clip, I thought “hey, Uni-Geezer does that alot”… And no, I didn’t know there was a small drop in that second puddle. My wife saw the first puddle, told me to stop while she got the camera out, I didn’t see the second puddle till I got closer. I was thinking I’d take the bridge at first, but then thought what the heck, if I end up in the mud it would make good footage anyway. :slight_smile: P.S. My wife and I love watching your vids, very inspiring for us slightly older folks just getting started!