FIrst muni trip tomorrow...

so im doing my first muni oouting tomorrow, so what would you suggest to a newbie municyclist?

  1. don’t do anything you don’t think you can handle

  2. don’t get dead

  3. wear shinguards (and helmet)

  4. remember to wave and smile to people on the trails

  5. stay in control of your uni

So Trepper687, how did it go???

First time

I am taking my KH24 for its first outing this sunday :astonished:

But don’t be too conservative, push yourself a little bit in the future. Alot of the time people are more than capable of riding something scary but pull out at the thought of falling.

and I’m curious too, how did it go? :smiley:


I find myself doing that all the time! And then kick myself later when I do it with the greatest of ease

Yeah, that describes me. I will try things, but once I get bounced around or injured it takes me a while to build up confidence to try even the easy stuff.

I scraped myself up on a muni ride three weeks ago, and then last weekend I managed to fall off my 36" at speed (12+ mph? I am guessing) and rolled out of it on asphalt and left some skin on the road. These scrapes basically overlapped with my last set of partially healed scrapes. I need to get healed up before I try anything exciting. How long does it take skin to grow?


It went great. I could do almost everything downhill but the uphill was pretty hard. Thanks guys