first Muni. Torker DX, KH. or?

I’ve read the group a bit. I’m about to buy my first muni.

I want a 24" with a brake mount (for the future).

I looked at KH. I see a freeride model on their website, and sold by,,etc… also shows a lighter 24"
XC model, but I didn’t see it on the KH website. Is it an old model?
Will it take a 3" tire?

Those look really nice, but it will be going down a lot, and spending
less might be good for now.

How does a Torker DX compare?

Any other recommendations?

Crank length? I have a 30" inseam.

Lightweight appeals to me now, although I expect with experience, I’ll
appreciate strong more.


Well, there are the 07’s and the 06’s, the 07’s just came out, so I would think the 06’s are a bit cheaper. I have a DX and love it. Depending on how hard your stuff is then that is how you should go, also how much you weigh.
You should definitly take your time in making a purchase though.

If you can afford the 2007 KH 24, get it! If not, get the 2006 KH 24. If you can’t afford either, the Torker DX 24 is a good choice.

All of them are 24" wheels with brake mounts. They are also are all splined, meaning that they have good strong cranks and a good strong hub which won’t fall apart easily.

You could also get the KH 29 if you wanted to do more cross country (up more hills) riding. This has a 29" wheel and the same hub/cranks as the KH 24.

The KH XC model has been discontinued for 2007, but it’s a fine MUni on its own, and lighter than the Freeride or Torker DX. The frame is the same on the XC and Freeride, so the XC can take a 3-inch tire, although if you’re going to put a 3-inch tire on it you might as well get the Freeride.

The Torker is a fine unicycle, not as light weight as the KH but otherwise more or less equivalent.

definitally an understatement.
Id go with the 07 or 06 KH if you can afford it. the 07 is lighter but the drilled rim will gather a lot of dirt which is hard to get out.

Re: first Muni. Torker DX, KH. or?

Thanks all for the replies. Helpful stuff!

Despite what it says in the Ebay store, I don’t think the 24" DX will
fit a 3" DH-type tire. Not much room under the crown with the 2.6"
tire in the photos. Don’t know how much that will matter. Otherwise
looks like a great value.

Done some web searching to figure out current Bedford models, but all I
see on their website is a price list; no photos or descriptions.

I’m in the east SF bay area. Was looking for local dealers, but the KH
dealer locator turns up shops (e.g. that don’t seem to
have their unis.

Anyone know a shop that carries munis in the east bay? Anyone near me
selling used?

If you visit the Berkeley Bike Station (in the downtown Berkeley BART station), they have at least one MUni for sale, and they’re a distributor, so they can get you anything has.

And you should get on our local ride mailing list, if you’re not already.

id just get it online, bedford works well and will ship you what you want unless you are planning to get a Torker.

how do you do that?

The DX does in fact fit a 3" DH tire. I’ve put it on and used it myself. (I used a 3" Duro wildlife lepord)

There wasn’t a whole lot of space left in the frame with the 3", but plenty as to not be constantly getting mud, etc. stuck in the frame.

I did just the same with my DX yesterday. The new tire is sooo awesome.

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why is the dx no longer on