First Muni Ride!

My friend and I suited up our Unis with the two mountain bike tires I found in my backyard and went for our first muni ride. I’ve a torker LX and my friend a Nimbus X, both 24inch. We went to the ski mountain known as Gunstock by our town and went for it down two different grass covered slopes. I must say I’m hooked.

SWEET, another convert! I felt the same way after my first muni ride. Thorougly stoked. Every ride feels as exhilirating as my first ride, just with less bails. And then there was my first coker muni ride… I still can’t find the words to express the sheer terror that thrilled me so wildly. I must do it again.

Here’s a muni tip. Get dirty. As dirty as possible. Bail and get rocks and twigs in your shoes. Make sure your tire gets caked with dirt and sweat. Get moss and bark stuck in your bumper and handle. Color your body armor by swiping branches, logs, rocks, etc. YOU ARE A DIRT MAGNET! The more dirt you pick up the more fun you’ll have. Guaranteed.

well… some could beg to differ…
but seriously. my first MUNI ride @ northstar was great! I was loving ever minute of it, even when i went down this slope, and i got too far ahead of my uni and basically barrel rolled down the slope. and all i got out of it was a little tiny permanent (i think) scar on my forearm…

but it;s a great great sport. i loves it

Congrats Brian! Is your friend from NH too? I’ll have to get together with you when I’m down there around X-Mas :slight_smile:

Yeah, I hooked my friend shortly after I learned to ride, he lives near me. We also have two more potential riders hoping to learn. We should definitely set something up when you are around here Nick.