First Muni Ride!!!

What a great day! On my way to church this morning, I spotted a sign that said “Nature Trail”. It was only about 1/2 mile from my church, so between services, I drove over to check it out.

There were absolutely NO SIGNS prohibiting any use of these trails. The only posted rules were no littering and no picking of flowers.

I drove back to church and found my 8 year old daughter. She has been asking to go trail riding for the past couple of weeks. I said to her, “After church, you and I are going to go Muni riding.” She was so excited, especially when I told her of this trail that I had found so close to our home and church.

Afte lunch, I dropped off the wife and other two daughers at home. Kaeley and I grabbed the Muni’s and headed for the trail.

She loved the trail riding. We did a little over 1.6 miles. It was up and down hills, all on single-track, with only a little bit of flat riding. There were some roots and a few rocks, and several bridge crossings. Also, about a quarter of the trail was along the side of very steep hills. This made for 5 to 20 foot drop-offs along one side of the trail, with wooden hand rails along the dangerous side. My daughter had four UPD’s; three in mud and the other on an uphill grade when she apparently hit a leaf covered root. Overall, she did great. I would challenge her to retry hills that she didn’t make it up. She’d ride right back down and give it another try. (Note: This gave me more time to rest/recover :))

The more great thing about this trail. It is less than a half mile from my office. Can I hear, “Lunch-time Muni Rides” in the near future?

My girl loved her first Muni ride. She asked me just a few minutes ago, "When can we do the trail again? She sure made her daddy proud. --chirokid–

That’s awesome, Chirokid! In my opinion riding with the kids is the best part of unicycling. It’s usually the first thing they want to do when they get home from school, head to the hills! Keep it up! You’ll be a better dad for it.