First Muni Ride

Today i embarked on a journey. I went on my first muni ride. It was awesome, except i had a torker, but it still worked ok. We muniied at this great place. Lots of techincal stuff,lots of singletrack, and lots of easy stuff. I had endless UPDs and id like to thank Scott Wallis, for waiting as i picked myself up. The ride was lots of fun, and i hope to do it again in the future. There was this really cool downhill run, not too technical but some loose stuff, and that was fun. Lots of uphills and downhills. If youre into trials, this place has a playground thats perfect. I had lots of fun, and it would be a great place to have a group of people come down and muni. So overall, i think my first muni ride was a succes, thanks to Mr. Wallis, and my dad, who took me over there.
e-mail me if you want some info on the place, or you would like to muni


Oh yeah i forgot to add that we got a lot of comments, including, not one but two people calling it a " One wheeler". Some people asked questions, others stared in awe.

Scott did amazingly well, and on a skinny tire and short cranks, and pedals that didn’t match :astonished: . The hills were steep and rocky, so I was impressed. My first muni ride was on the same trails 11 months ago and it had a huge impact on me (Also many smaller impacts). I can tell Scott will be quite a rider and be pushing me soon, especially when he gets his fat tired muni.

I think the best reaction of the day came from two young women. I rode by first and one of them, bug eyed and mouth agape, said “Look at that!” then as Scott came around the corner the other one said “They’re both doing it!”. Seeing unicycles in multiples seems to make people think it must be some new fad they hadn’t heard about, instead of just some nut on a “one wheeler”.

Scott Wallis

My brother started riding recently… two old women walked past us and quietly muttered “Is this the next craze then?”, which made me laugh. Does two (one of which couldn’t ride the thing at the time) count as a craze?

Phil, just me

Re: First Muni Ride

Scott Stephens wrote:
> Today i embarked on a journey. I went on my first muni ride. It was
> awesome, except i had a torker, but it still worked ok.


Congratulations on your ride! I’m rather new to riding (uni and Muni) as
well, and find it really gratifying. I think better equipment does help,
but it’s practice that makes the magic happen. Keep up the good work.




OHHHHHH yeah, and i forgot to mention that cactus i found out i had brushed up against. I didnt know till the ride was over. There is still some in my arm. But look at the bright side, i got to miss half of 2nd period cause the nurse was pulling the needles out.

Hey Cactus Boy, after watching you do those flawless suicide mounts on Sunday, I was inspired to try it last night and I landed several of them! The teacher learning from the student. This is why we should all try to ride with new people whenever possible. Everyone has a skill, technique, trick, or perspective to share.

Scott Wallis

your right

Yeah your right, we should muni with other people, we can all learn from eachother. The suicide was pretty simple right, once you got past that fear of not being able to have any kids. It took me a few times to land that, and when i describe it to friends it sounds really cool, and they are pretty amazed. “Suicide” anything sounds hard.