First MUni Ride In Over 6 Months

I rushed home from school, having the immense need to get back on my uni. I grabbed my gear, pumped up my muni tire and jumped into my car, for a quick drive to a nearby trail: “area 51” (there was only about an hour before dark and I didn’t have time to spare by riding there.) People may remember this trail from VIMW.

I quickly suited up and got back onto the thing like I hadn’t left it. I hit up some wicked (new) structures and ended the short ride with a 40-foot-long bridge/skinny, just over 10 feet high, that ended with a 6 foot by 6 foot drop/gap.

It was a short, yet excellent ride, and I’m glad to be back at it, and man do I look it.
The camera was crapping out and this was the only one that worked… I’ll try to get some good shots next time.


Sounds Awesome!
Congrats on getting a ride in . . . (I was kinda wondering why it was so tough for you to find time, even after you explained it.)

Question: How long were you riding before you were able to do the skills that you described in your post?

I’ve been riding since about summer 2001, I think.
And I’ve just been too busy with school, work, and girls to find time to ride.

That last part, about the girls, may be exaggerated.

Oh come on, being an awsome muni rider must bring in some ladies right? Besides, even with out the uni, your a total pimp Dylan.

yeh those red eyes in your picture must be a real trun on for those girls