First Muni Ride Ever

I recieved my Muni in the mail Yesterday.
A Gap GP Muni like the one for sale here
Instead of writing up a short novel of events i decided to keep it nice and easy.

After spending 2 hours uniing non stop (4 UPD’s) I:

  • Want to go straight out and do it again
  • Am really motivated to get my fitness levels back up
  • Really Really enjoyed riding and felt i had succeeded in something once i hade finished
  • wish my gouche didn't have so many little hairs on it
  • realise i need to practice riding down stairs
  • found out that with a 24" uni that weighs what feels like double my KH i can pretty much get the same hop height
  • wish i had someone else to Muni with
  • decided that i hadn't gone fishing for a while and that i must get on to that
  • Hope that my balls will soon get used to long distances
  • really want to try out a coker (i would buy but it is alot of money to get it and not like it)
  • nearly ran over an outing of nannas taking a stroll in the park
  • am all muddy
  • have tripled my respect and awe of Kris Holm

Muni is great it took me back to my old mountain biKING it was great, i am pumped to get better at it and all you Australians, i shall see you at Uniats (or however you spell it)


Hahahaha. I can’t wait to try muni.

Ahah, shave em.

*Nair em’ :smiley:

That would be a scary area to use nair on, leave it on too long and get a nice comfy burn.

my first ride and people are all ready telling me to shave my balls… do i really know what i am getting in to?

Went for another. 8Km along the local MTB track, well just under 8km. took me just under an hour and a half. My legs are going to get revenge tommorow.

You’re hooked.
There is no going back now.

I like what I’m hearin’. :slight_smile: Hopefully you can make it out to Ramapo this Saturday…

Pulled a sicky today so i could go a muni’ing.

Karma got me, i didn’t get to go and i have a terrible headache :frowning:

hehe, you naughty boy!!!
Karma sucks when it backfires:(
Oh, that was the weekend Tom, i shall gove you a call closer to the date:)

looking foreward to it man. there is a group down in Hobart wanting to start up a Uni club. i will get more information for you :slight_smile:

Damn i have been called in to work :frowning: will i ever get to Muni again? i dont have another day off till Tuesday.

Did you recieve a PM from that Aubin person too??

Yep i met him at circusfest (i think…)