First MUni Question

Hello guys, i’m fairly new at MUni’ing, and I need some help from all you Unicycle Experts on here.

Okay, so here’s the scoop, i’ve been riding my 24" street unicycle for around 3 years now, riding on lite trails, Practicing offroad, commuting to work and school and whatnot, and i’ve decided to finally take the leap to MUni’ing.

Here’s where my real question is. I have found what unicycle i want, The Nimbus MUni with KH ISIS Moment and KH freeride seat from
But i cant decide on the wheel size. some people say 24" is more useful for technical trails and lite freestyle and maybe lite trials. And the 26 is more useful for covering distance and even trails, and rolling over things.

I will use my unicycle for the following:
Going to work and school, each about a mile.
Hitting trails around where i live, (they’re basic dirt trails, no rocks or steep decents, it’s kansas)
and riding around on it for fun.
perhaps a little bit of street, like going down stairs, hopping up stairs etc.

So which one, 26" or 24" ?

You actually need a small muni (24") or a trials uni for tricks and urban stuff and a big uni for riding distance on road or easy trails

A 26" is a middle of the road, not great at anything, but fair for many things.

A 24" as you know is very slow, so not ideal for riding to school.

A 29" is better for easy trail riding and better for road riding, but it will be harder for doing “stunts” like jumping off stairs.

I moved from a 24" muni to a 26" muni a few years ago and posted a comparison photo here: [post]2038242[/post]

It sounds like you are pretty comfortable on your 24" so I would go for the 26" muni. It is a little faster and rolls over things a little better than a 24" muni. The 3" Duro that the Nimbus comes with is heavy and overkill for a lot of riding. I would suggest a smaller 2.5-2.7 tire (I like the Continental Trail King 2.4, which measures 2.6" on a 47mm rim and weighs under 1000g).

Ben has a point; the 26" will be useable for everything you list but it won’t be the best uni for all of those things.

My 24" MUni has a 3" Leopard tyre on it. When it’s “at rest” the distance from the floor to the top of the tyre is 26".

I thought if you measure your street 24" similarly it might give you an idea how much of a ‘step up’ a MUni could be :wink:

I would probably get a 29" for riding those trails and going to school, and then get a 20" trials uni for the other stuff. I have a 29" uni with 125mm cranks that works really well on fire roads, basically 4WD dirt roads with small rocks mixed in but no significant technical obstacles like deep gravel or large rocks.

You could start with a 29" and 150mm cranks which will make it easier to ride off-road and then switch to 125mm or shorter as you gain experience.

I think a 24" would be slow for your needs, and a 26" perhaps not much better.

Kansas? 26". Or consider a 29", which may be more than strong enough for your type of trails. I took a peek at Pratt on Google Maps. Lots of circle farms around there! Makes the satellite image look like a Seurat painting. :slight_smile:

Later on, save up for a Trials or Street uni, for those types of activity. If you want to kind of do both from the get-go, get the 26". You’ll still probably get a dedicated Trials/Street cycle later, but the 26" will be better for the MUni, and still allow you to dabble in those areas.

I can do 1 mile on my 24" MUni on a road in under 12 minutes, taking it easy. It doesn’t seem worth getting a bigger Unicycle for that distance unless ‘speed’ is your primary concern. My primary concern on a Unicycle is FUN.

If Unicycles were all about getting somewhere fast we’d be adding extra wheels and putting carbon fibre frames on them :smiley:

Ok i have a 19 a 24 and a 26 and for what you are decribing the 24 would be the best, When i try to side hop my 26 im fighting it the whole time but the 24 is like a bouncy trials unicycle

A bigger wheel can bring more than just ‘speed’. I’ve seen it said that fun is where challenge meets skill. It follows that as skill level increases the level of challenge must also be raised in order to maintain the same level of fun. Riding a bigger wheel can be one way to increase the challenge without seeking out more difficult terrain.

But speed is fun! While it’s not my primary goal for MUni, riding fast on singletrack, especially on a 36" wheel on windy trails, is pretty exciting!