First movie

Here it is, my first movie:
Contains skate park riding and some trial lines.
Not realy big stuff.
So watch a tell me what you think of it.

Peter M.

very good

sweet, how long have you been riding?

I’m riding 9 months now.

Thats a great video. Your a really smooth rider and I’m sure you will continue to improve.


Very impressive, specially with a 24. =p

Yes very smooth and technically accurate.

looks like a sweet place to ride… was it made for trial bikers??

Man with a 60cm seat in hop on a 24" that looks that smooth i magine what you could do seat out or better yet with a 20"!!

very nice movie. I liked it.

seat out?

Yeah, SIF, hold the seat out in front of you so you can tuck more when jumping.

You realise guys that some people prefer seat in stuff. Joe hodges can do 92cm seat in!


I know, I prefer set-in, but an usually hit some higher object and grabs when doing seat-out, but I run my seat low for better seat in, If I raised it more I would probably do better Seat-out.

I just think seat in is ugly

dangit… i still can’t download stuff… i wanna go and watch it, but i can’t unless i dl it.

man those were some impressive seat in hops, good movie.


good video

If you meant the car and pallet place: no.
It was made by me and some friends for side-entertainment at a car race.
There are some pictures off me and a friend on this site:
Then you have to click on the icon which says: “Belcar Midsummer Race/ sfeerbeelden”

I just can’t hop that high with seat in front.
I can do 50 cm SIF but I know:practice,practice,practice.:smiley:

The reasen I ride a 24" unicycle is that I have to ride some distance before I can have some fun.
And trial with a 24" isn’t impossible, it’s just a little harder.
But works for me and having only one uni is saving me some money for spare parts:p

Very nice, the video was well put together and the tricks were impressive.


I will putt it on an other site soon.
I will give you the link then.

Peter M