First Movie(noncom)

Ok here is one of my movies its not for any competition just for veiwing and commenting its not very good because that was a while ago. But the riders are Scott(the guy that one foots for a while) Mike( the one that does a 180) Brian (torkerdx and the guy that does pretty much everything)
Any tips or comments are appreciated.

dont turn the volume up too loud because the beginning is quiet.

nice first vid!
How long have u been riding?

nice first vid!
How long have u been riding?

Nice cup thing. That was really funny!
How long have you been riding?

the cup thing was cool. You did good, alot of first videos have a lot of transitions, I thought that the occasional transitions were good, although a lot of people probably wont agree.

At the time we had been riding one month but that was a long time ago in March. Yeah i used a lot of transitions that look weird but i made the video in class as a project and my teacher wanted transitions and effects. We have now been riding for eight months so we are a lot better. and my filming has gotten better since then.

an awesome first vid!

hey good vid I liked the music that’s one of my favorite songs :sunglasses:

yeah its a good song i like it.
thats why i put it in.

Awesome stuff for only a month into riding.

That guy that did a 180 is really cool! Who could he be? I bet he can do a crank flip now, and probably clear a 7 set! But don’t listen to me, I just have a wild hunch.


i have this crazy idea that kid broke his leg.

the really cool one is the kid on the DX and has lizard skins. :smiley: bet he can tire tables and ride massive stair cases.

but hey they’re just a couple more wild hunchs.

You are really creepy, where do you get thoes crazy guesses. That guy in Liz Skinz couldn’t tire squat, and that one guy can probably ride massiver (is that a word?) stair cases than the whimp with the DX.
U need a better pic

ur weird brian

thatoneguy, I just noticed now that you quoted me in your sig! I feel so special!:smiley: :smiley: