First long route (300km) on 29" Muni

I used to go paramotoring too, but I’ve gone back to unpowered flying only.

It’d be fun to try a hang glider once (tandem) but never more than that. I’m too lazy for the rigging, and enjoy the slow speed near ground soaring fun far too much to give it up.

I guess it makes sense, if you’re into one weird hobby, why not add a few more? Unicycling and flying, why not?

Flying isn’t dangerous. Landing, on the other hand…
I hope you healed well, expect the glider didn’t!

Cool! I’m on the BentRiderOnline forum, though not so active this summer due to the unicycling. It’s great fun to overtake the roadies, especially with my big belly :stuck_out_tongue:

Glider was fine - the A frame crumpled as it is designed to. The shoulder on the other hand…

A new (legal) A-frame is only a matter of a couple of hundred bucks and easy to fit. You just have to carry a couple as spares, especially when launcing off a tow.