First long route (300km) on 29" Muni

Hi! I’m going to have my first long route (300km, I added the profile in 2 images) on my 29" Muni in October. I have 15 days to complete it, so I think I have enough time, but I’m going alone and crossing forests, mountains and not very good roads so I’m a bit “nervous”.

It would be great if someone could give me some advices. I’m used to commute with my Qu-ax 29" 10-20km everyday (on the streets) but I’m still a bit concerned about potential problems riding countryside and I would like to know advices to train myself this last month prior to the route. what kind of muscle or irritation problems I could have, how to avoid them and what to do if you get irritations or even wounds on your testicles and the zone of the legs surrounding them.

My Qu-ax is also in factory status, so I would like to know which elements should I change and upgrade. I get a lot of discomfort from the saddle and I don’t know what would be better getting a gel saddle or air-modding my Qu-ax saddle. Breaks and handle would be needed?

On the other hand I would appreciate advices about clothes, shorts and shoes, the expected weather is 20/10ºC and 0.20cm raining and I would have to walk at least a 5-10% of the route because the terrain would be too difficult.

Sorry if it’s too much asking, I’m very excited with this route and I would like to plan it the best way possible. Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

Sounds like an exciting adventure. I’d say your current training would be good for preparing you for such a mission- since you are already doing similar distances each day you should be familiar with the level of saddle soreness you will get. Carrying a lot of gear will add to your soreness if you are going solo though.

I quite like the 2010 Fusion Street saddle for long distance. It is flatter than the gel and has a groove for extra comfort, and is firmer than the Fusion Freeride so you can sit right back without the foam squishing you down onto the bumper. Brakes and a handle are a luxury that are not needed, but may add enjoyment to your ride.

Good luck!

Have fun

Most will insist you get a brake and a handle. You don’t really need either. Try some bike shorts with the least amount of padding you can find. Tri shorts will work also.

You should have plenty of time for your tour. Sounds like fun. Enjoy.

Thanks! I’m always riding my muni with a 2-6kg full rucksack, but far sure I will need 6-10kg while I travel (at least 1-2 liter water and some food), I know the muscles won’t be a big problem (I hope) but the testicles and “just behind them area” worries me, I got 2 wounds during last weeks and I was using shorts with normal padding. Btw, any suggestion to heal that faster? I still have one.

I don’t know why, maybe I have very sensitive balls or maybe they are a bit bigger because I also have many problems with the paragliding harness. Also when I do freemounting the pain is sometimes unbearable, I squish them when I jump while supporting on the saddle. Should I try using “testicles protection” like those used in hockey or martial arts?

Why less padding is better? I though about getting some shorts with gel padding and also external protective cushion in case of falling. Should I get more protections besides helmet, ankle supporters and gloves or would it be better to go with just the minimum?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

A handle is great for getting some weight off your saddle. I like long and low for on the road but a higher shorter handle just past the stock lift handle for off road.

when it comes to saddle padding I am in the camp of less is more (to a certain extent) lots of padding will just make the padding push everywhere where saddles with less padding will have more localized pressure points. I also have a grove carved in the foam on all my seats. this helps a lot.

edit: just noticed you mentioned converting your existing saddle to an air seat. Don’t. They suck. modify the foam first. I carve away some from the front and back making it flatter then add a grove down the middle.

If you are not used to a brake don’t bother with getting one. Grabbing too much brake when you are learning to use it is a great way to hurt yourself, not something you want to do 100km from nowhere.

In addition to the above advice, use (generouse amount) chamois creme. I like to reapply every 10-ish miles. It helps me a lot.

Are you having impacted sweat gland boils/abscess? They swell up like a large zit and can be really sensitive to sit on. It is important to maintain hygiene around the infected area. Try washing with warm/hot water three times a day might help you to keep from developing more.

If this seems to be what you are having you may find relief if you try soaking them with hot water three or more times a day. Also using an antibiotic cream after washing may help.

my problem with cycling is the seam in my bike shorts. notsomuch in the behind the balls region though. at the moment i have a red spot in the crease between my right leg and my pelvis region. it may be the shorts, the bike saddle, or me

Is it possible to make caches ?

A cache is a supply of food and stuff hidden in the woods. Study the route with google maps satellite. Then drive ahead with a vehicle and leave cool stuff for yourself. Fishing pole by the lake, that sort of thing. Magazines and batteries are great at night. Bears and coons leave canned food alone, so use canned food and drinks. Actually, I have heard of bears drinking canned beer, but in general, canned food caches work well.

Light is right. If you cache a day apart, all you will need is a fanny pack for your rain gear. Attach the flat kit and water bottle to the frame and you are good to go.

I agree that the KH freeride saddle is best. I hate the look of those super tight fitting spandex looking bike shorts, but I wear them anyway on long rides, less friction.

Not wearing a backpack is the best upgrade you can do for your trip. Some water purifiers are very light, and could save weight by allowing you to carry less water, while improving safety. Almost everything else is to much junk to be worth touring with on a unicycle. Riding in the rain will launder your clothes. So don’t pack any clothes. Cut your tooth brush in half and drill holes in the handle. Cut down the bristles, they are twice as long as what you need. Pull out every other tooth from your mouth.

Just kidding, but really, get rid of everything that won’t kill you when it’s gone. Uni riding isn’t backpacking. You will be able to ride much further and have a better time if you don’t carry any real load. 40 lbs is OK for me backpacking, on a uni, I would try to keep it under 5, water and everything.

Well,the caches won’t be possible. The place is about 1000km far from my city and a lot of people do the same route. Backpack is not such a problem for me, I use to travel with 5kg(11lbs) everyday. One of my concerns is bringing protections with me, I mean, I’m not so used to bad terrain, I can do it in parks and countryside, but mountains and altitudes 2x-3x higher than in my city is making me a bit nervous… How much weights a full pack of arms and legs protections (rigid or soft)? Does the extra weight compensate with the extra protection?

A bit of advice I can give that you will not likely get from elsewhere (for the simple reason that what I suggest is something that few will have tried).

I am talking about a sheepskin cover for the seat.

You cut a long tongue of plush sheepskin - enough to go from the front of your seat to the back fold over and back to the front. Double sided wool padding.

You shape it so it reasonably matches the shape of the seat without being anal about it. ie Full width at the back tapering to a waist before widening out a little to the front.

Fitting it is easy - A dozen lacky bands - some at the front, some at the waist ans some at the back. You can work out the length and type yourself.

It is good for easily 500km a side but in your case you may care to reverse it so the down side is the upside half way thru your journey. Make sure you have another handful of lackies in your pack for the job.

Unlike air cushions and stuff you do not need to change your technique or practice with it. Though you will have to drop the seat post maybe 8 or 10mm and then readjust it up a bit a couple of days later as the padding gets a little compressed.

I do several thousand miles a year and this has proven far better than ointments and stuff. And it is fairly cheap.

You can get ointments that are a silicone sealing type - must be put on dry, not immediately after drying down.

You can also get antifungal ones.

And y ou can ones that are both.

See a chemist. You will get the good stuff at a third the price of stuff that is sold for cyclists. And maybe the chemist will know what he is giving you and not just the manufacturers blurb.

With the distance you state, then at least you will have fairly toughened tissue at the crotch.

You could dispense with the underpants and just have the chamois of bike shorts in direct contact but I have no experience of that. I ride with underwear under my padded bike shorts.

Undershorts - High level of cotton or wool and make sure they have some leg to them. Otherwise you will chafe the soft tissue either side at the crotch. You will not get far if that happens.

Thanks for the advices, could you post a photo of the customised saddle? It seems a cool idea but I would like to do it right.

I also wear underpants always with my bike shorts :smiley: Btw, did you experienced anytime pain right above you knees? I sometimes do a special training going up and down 20 times on a 70m 25 degrees slope… 30 minutes after that I have some pain and it disappears next day, but I would like to know if there is any way to reduce it while riding… I don’t care about the pain but about not hurting my legs. Thanks

Wow, another guy from the unicycle-and-paragliding demographic! We’re so few we must be some kind of elite! :sunglasses:

You don’t ride recumbent bicycles too by the way? Or play the flute?

I second your theory that guys with saddle problems just have bigger balls. It’s a curse we have to live with :smiley:

I did a little hang gliding but never finished the certification after I fell out of the sky once too often. Stuffed the shoulder, and a week in hospital for a busted open knee.

I have had a few lessons on sax and I crack whips, which one day I hope to do to music. Does that count?

Gliding is a bit dangerous, too fast and fixed wings. In fact I do paramotor, powered paragliding, and well, I also played the sax when I was a child :smiley:

I don’t ride recumbent bikes or play the flute, but I use powerisers sometimes. I also work as contributor for the spanish version of Gizmodo, maybe some of you know it. I’m the adventurer-reviewer: (links are in spanish but there are some videos at the end)

I’ve toyed with the idea of uni-touring, and have concluded that if (when?) I do, I’ll take a mule. But don’t call them that to their face until they’re committed! I am referring to a mountain biker you somehow talk into hauling some of your stuff. And if they get bored with going your speed, all the better, send them ahead to set up camp and make you dinner! Might be worth posting an ad on Craigslist and/or at your LBS; the curiosity factor alone might get some biker interested in joining you on your journey.

+1 to the idea of cutting front and rear foam down, with a channel in the middle. I did this on my old Coker Velo-style seat, and my son tells me it’s better than my KH Freeride (2009).

Very interesting idea re the sheepskin. I have a sheepskin cover on my motorcycle seat, and it really makes a difference. I imagine it helps on a uni with both padding and reducing friction.

P.S.: I ride recumbents - a heavy one for commuting when I’m in more of a hurry than my uni allows; and a light high-racer for fast and long distance road rides. I actually just sold my carbon road bike, because I stopped using it once I got the (faster and more comfortable) recumbent.

To music? I suppose the Indiana Jones soundtrack, then? :slight_smile: