First long ride on 36er or why I still suck at this.

Great write-up, and thanks for not sparing the details on the parts that sucked. It’s important to talk about that stuff, and you’ll get better quality of responses the more detail you share. I know it feels really discouraging, but I also know from experience that it absolutely gets easier with time and mileage. Especially the hills… Mounting…eehhh…it gets better, but there is always that hit or miss element, at least for me, despite lots of practice.

When I read your post above, I thought to myself “I remember responding to some other guy that was having mounting challenges…maybe since I was thinking clearly then and I’m not now, I should go find my old post and add some of that here, instead of trying to re-create what I said before.” So off I went into search land, and I did in fact find the post. Then realized it was written to you. I refer you again to Points #3 and #4. :wink:

One other thought to that point, I’m not sure the kind of roads and terrain near where you live, but you might try devoting some coker sessions to particular goals. I mentioned the mounting one previously, but for hills, maybe you could find a decent hill with some variable pitches and someplace at the bottom for mounting self-assist (so you don’t burn your energy on that). Just go and take a few runs at the hill, with rest in between, so you can just focus on climbing technique. Then on a different day, go out the country or someplace where you can get in 15 miles or so on relatively flat, isolated roads w/o intersections and bozos. Just to get the saddle time and the spinning practice. Focus on each separately, and perhaps they’ll come together better on routes like your ride to work that have all those elements.

But most of all, keep riding that thing. There is a distance rider in you…that is clear. He just needs some more miles before he’ll take over.

Good Luck!