first illinois sneaux ride of the season.

Today marked my first sneaux ride of the season, during a 4 inch fall and ~22F temps. Nice ride, but i had to take my 20 out.

I’ve been off the uni a month or so and just could not get my muni going in the snow, so rather than practice sucking with the sun setting, i grabbed the li’l sun.

I pulled about 4 miles along the Fox River Trail round trip from St. Chas towards Batavia. It was surprisingly easy, and all who saw me were entirely too misimpressed with my mad skillz.

I have a new line to use in the winter: “Now you’ve seen everything!”
The chicks dig it. :slight_smile:

I also verified a Natural Law: All protective equipment will be at an alternate starting point. (work, in this case). Of course, we all know the other law: the gear you don’t have is the gear you need…

…and thus picked up a nice phat strawberry on my knee when I UPD’d just north of downtown Geneva on the sidewalk along Rt. 25. I was showing off to all the cars waiting for the light, making Jeanie arms while jetting through a narrow patch of virgin snow when i found a big sidewalk seam. WHAM. But I walked it off and rode on home.

If only i had a camera… maybe i’ll take a knee-blotting for a commerative souvineer.

The other fun thing was the cyclist who wanted to take my picture. My wobble marks had been vexing him for a couple of miles…

On a scale of 1 (bad) -->10 (good) i give today an 8. -1.5 for flobbing the muni, -.25 for forgetting my blinkie clown nose and -.25 for not bleeding more.

Not too bad.


Hi I’m a chicago unicyclist, spent much of today marveling at the several inches of snow that are coming down. On my way home from school, was shocked to see someone unicycling!! This may have been Erik Costlow, with whom I’ve ridden several times. Does anyone (or Erik) know who it was?

I’ve been riding my BC alot since i got it 2 days ago but now i can’t because of the snow (im in batavia). I shoveled my driveway about 1.5 hours ago and it already looks like it was never shoveled it all. At least it is not as cold today as yesterday (it was around -3 farenheight yesterday).

Snow uni rules. this is my first winter on mine, and I’m loving it. every hill that was getting boring is now tough again. It rules.

This is soo excellent!!

It’s here! my macarena scab fell off this morning! it only took 12 days* it’s right here!!

*and now we know what the twelfth day of Christmas brings