First hour of freewheeling

Inspired by waaalrus I bought a Nimbus Drift Trike Disc Hub, and built my first wheel (Wheelbuilding - experience of a novice who didn't want to read a book). The hub is still on sale at UDC US if anyone else wants to try freewheeling.

On the first two attempts, I hit the ground before I knew what happened, but I had a few runs at the end of my one hour session where I got a little bit of that freewheeling feeling.

Nice progress! It looks very challenging.

Looks like very good progress to me! I’ve tried them.

Not that I’m an expert on coasting unis, watching the dismounts, I would recommend raising the seat some. This would make it easier for you to catch yourself on the many dismounts as your legs will be less bent when taking your weight.

Then, when you head out onto the Muni trails later on, you can lower it again (and pad up more). :slight_smile:

I found the video mildly disturbing. Kind of like watching rock climbing without ropes. The music you chose fit well. I dreamed last night I was free wheeling. But it wasn’t a proper free wheel; it was more like a Schlumpf where the slop was much larger. Not exactly a nightmare, but not a pleasant dream, either. Congratulations on your progress!

Yes, you are right of course. On my first session I wanted to be closer to the ground, but today I raised the seat to normal hight, and it was better.

Except for my first two attempts, it wasn’t so bad. On the second practice session today, I felt quite confident and didn’t fall on my butt once. I still can’t glide very long, but I’m quite comfortable pedaling forwards.

You made such a nice progress in so little time. Great job on that and the video itself. Thanks for sharing.

Excellent video. I’m sure it is very comfy to ride it when you’re used to it.

Your videos are always entertaining and very informative.

Thanks for sharing.

I hesitate to say I’ll never do it, because I have a track record of doing exactly the opposite.


Thanks. It’s fun to learn something new.

Thanks. It’s like learning to ride a unicycle all over. It seems completely impossible the first minutes, but after that you understand more and more, and gain confidence. I would never have gotten the idea if I hadn’t seen ohters do it.