First hop blues

For some reason every time I go out to practice hopping I irritate my back shoulder area on the first hop, after I ride around a little bit and let it “cool” I can then jump my hardest no worrys. So does anyone know what im doin wrong is it the first hop is bad form and my mind knows the next time what not to do. I stretch before I ride, I tried riding around getting really limber first. I just cant figure it out, its my left shoulder back like lats, and I jump left with my right hand. Anyone know what im doin wrong or have this same porb?

Sorry mate, dont know what ur talking aobut, on my first hop me knees allways crack but…

I mean, my first hop hurts my back. Only the first.

  1. Relax as much as you can on your first hop.
  2. Let your second hop hurt instead.
  3. Post a thread about it.
  4. ???
  5. Profit.

Do a slower warmup. Don’t approach big hops until you’ve don a bunch of small ones. i find a good warmup for me is jumping up a flight or two of stairs alternating 2 and 3 at a time. That or 5-10 smaller but still decent sized hops that are well within my capability.

Supplementing your warm-up with pushups may help. This will get your back, shoulder, and arm muscles ready.

Thanks for the help, i warm up but i geuss I just need to do a longer one, and the push up idea sounds good, il try that. Thanks.