First halfway decent vids

Well, i have been getting some practice with my hopping lately and thought i’d share with you…
I have been able to hop for around a week now:)
I cant wait to get better - i have now found a technique to get higher so will start experimenting with that if i get out tonight;)
Enjoy :sunglasses:

good job! Just practice on completing the lines with fewer set hops.:slight_smile:

Nice Job, I have the same problem with doing multiple hops to jump up one thing. Was that a standard curb or something smaller? If its smaller maybe trying going for a curb next. I remeber I didn’t think I could jump up a curbs height until I just went for it. Good Luck.

Thanks for the comments people - i know alot of people probably watched them and thought WTF but i was roud of it anyways:)
That was a little smaller than a standard curb, i can do standard curbs and pallets though.
I plan to try 2 pallets tonight and am not coming home till it has been completed.

Those curbs are about the same size as in Boston where I’m visiting my Mom, bu definately smaller than where I live.

I can’t do any of that:(

Do like my signature and hop up curbs everywhere. Also find a set of easy stairs and have the goal to hop up all of them w/ (eg.) 4 hops or less each. Then 3,2,1,0.

2 pallets is pretty high, Just a few days ago i got consistant jumping up 2 :smiley:
Now i can almost do 3