First frontflip on a unicycle!

was in my “Subscriptions” box… pretty cool :smiley:

that was sickkk

holy crap, that was amazing

Wow! Too bad he didn’t land it.

:thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
You meen pretty F***ing Amazing or The best thing ever…

Omg that was amasing!! :astonished:

Wow! Fantastic!

If u listen good u hear many kamera clicks:p

wowwo that kool

that is freakin awesome!!!

seriously? that was real? HOLY, i thought this day would never come.

that was crazy…I’m very impressed…anyone else wanna try?:stuck_out_tongue:

This was for the final trick of the street comp prelims, assuming he makes it through to the finals he will have two more shots at it. There is some really crazy stuff going on at unicon right now. Joe is doing 24 pallet drops, front flips, and 7 people beat the previous 10k world record.

For the street comp all the k1 team and other people were wearing a shirt that said alien backflip with the backflip crossed out and frontflip written in its place, nobody knew why though.

Pfff… he didn’t even land it :roll_eyes:

Ha! Fantastic!

I remember starting a thread and lots of people said it was impossible, and now look what is being done!



In competition for sure, my buddies here landed a couple this winter. Definitively bringing a new aspect of what can be done on a unicycle.

WOW!!! That’s really amazing!!! Has anyone landed this trick?

Wow. Fuckin A. It is to bad he did not land it, however he showed that it is fully possible. To all you nay sayers… put that in your pipe.

That was incredible! I knew a frontflip would come before the backflip.

This is kind of funny because just at NAUCC, a bunch of us (including Shaun) were discussing this and he insisted that it would be impossible.