First freestyle unicycle

Hey, I am a 5 foot 5inch tall and looking for my first freestyle unicycle. I can’t afford a nimbus but anything 0ver $200, if you need anymore info just ask thanks!

A torker lx pro is probably the best new freestyle uni that you can get for that amount.

I agree. Tough little suckers for the price, and a flat crown where you can put your feet for skills that require it.

A regular Torker LX (not Pro) would be about $50 less, since you’re on a budget, but it does look like the ones shown above are worth paying extra for- especially because they have ISIS hubs.

Longneck frames (an option on the Pro) are often recommended for freestyle. I think 5’5" is tall enough to ride a such a uni, especially for freestyle, though you might want to get a second opinion there. Not all longneck frames are the same length, either.