First freemount

Hey all,

As some of you may remember, I started riding several weeks ago, on a 29 and on my wife’s 26. I am riding 50 yards or so, pretty often, between dismounts.

About a week ago, I started to focus on performing a free mount. Tonight I pulled the first one off. I only made it three cranks after the mount before the next UPD, but it was a clean mount!

More to follow…

Congrats. You are now officially hooked.

Advice requested

I have managed one or two static mounts without wall assistance during each of the past few days. Today, based on a Coker video that I watched this morning, I tried using my hand to hold the wheel of my 29 during the mount. My success rate went way up!

So here’s my question - is there a downside to handing the wheel during a mount? I don’t want to have to unlearn a bad habit, even if it seems good in the short run.

that is not a bad habbit, but it is not the most effecient.

you should try to learn all sorts of mounts. the hand mount is fine. but the more the merrier.

here’s my favourite. walk with the coker, and take a bigger leap up off the ground than normally, and land your good foot on the pedal as it rounds it’s way up to the back horizontal position.

you start off with more momentum this way, like on uphills, or very rough terrain.

If you are going to ride with a smaller wheel, you might want to break that habbit. You have less torque on the rim of a small wheel, so it is hard to hold it in place. For larger wheels though, it’s probably fine.

Re: First freemount

On Sun, 2 Oct 2005 21:19:34 -0500, Icycle wrote:

>So here’s my question - is there a downside to handing the wheel during
>a mount?

An obvious downside is if the tyre is dirty, from riding through mud
or worse (dog poop).

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