First flatland vid

Hi guys and girls,

Here is my new video. It took way to long to make, hopefully the next one wont take so long. Any feedback is appreciated (but I know I need a real camera).

Hey Luke,

It’s great seeing a video from you! You got some pretty smooth skills there. very nice. :smiley:

very freestyle, smoooooth as custard!

That was beautiful. So incredibly clean.

WOW… I like it very much :slight_smile:
Well done

awesome, you are still riding =D

nice vid!! sick comboo’s :slight_smile:

This is what flatland should really be like!


And the transitions to the next trick were so unexpected! They kept taking me by surprise!

holy shitballs batman!! a flat vid where I actually enjoyed the riding. see kids, this is what style and flow does for your riding.

so… street comp on saturday. I noticed you ‘might be attending’. that better change to ‘attending’. I want to see if you’ve still got street :smiley:

oh my god, that’s what flat should be about! cool transitions between even cooler tricks! :smiley:
everything was so smooth too! awesome video. :slight_smile:

Very possible that this is my favorite video ever made. I look forward to seeing more of your riding, Luke.

dude your like the Rodney Mullen of unicycling :slight_smile:

luke… thank you for riding again :slight_smile:

i loved your street videos and now i must say that i love flat videos. keep up the good work man :smiley:

Well said, eh?
This was a beauty of a video. it’s not too often I really dig a flat vid, but this was just so smooth.

Watched again. There is such a unique quality to your flat. The combos were awesome. Liked how you ride into your rolls.

Extremely smooth and very creative riding!

nice, nice, nice!
one of the best flat-vid ever… smooth and clean!

… and yes, better camera can be useful:)

You’ve changed my view on flat, that video is amazing. It’s a shame you’ve been waiting so long to make it.
Hope to see sth new from you soon

Thanks for all your encouraging comments :slight_smile:

I should make it. I definitely have not still got street. I’ll just go for the atmosphere.

Means a lot coming from you.

Glad you noticed. I have to work on some more advanced rolls and stuff.

Insane, love it. Future of flatland unicycling. I’m sure you’ll incorporate more rolls into your riding as you get better at flatland. Your obviously far far better at freestyle then flatland but I’m loving this style. So much fresher. And msot crankrolls look the same but freestyle looks so much diffrent and better when in a flatland combo. The transitions are 5x smoother.

This is so awesome. Its been a while since I’ve been really inspired by flat video, so thanks :slight_smile:
That’s the direction I’d like to see flatland go, its really refreshing to see something other than roll combos and big flips. Now I kinda want to learn new stuff again.
The 1:15 combo was amazing.