First Flatland Tutorial arrived: Seat Wrap - Detailed Tutorial !

can you write up a tutorial please? its ok if theres no video yet but im trying to learn them

My Horrible Seatwrap Tutorial:

As far as I know he can not seatwrap. Only legwrap (which you should know with both feat before you try seat wraps)
I will do my best to explain.

My Horrible Seatwrap Tutorial:

Prep) learn legwraps with both feat before:
You frontfoot travels toward the lift handle to the back bumper, and then back ro the crank/pedal. Your backfoot travels to the backbumper, then to the handle and then back to the crank/pedal.

  1. Learn how to do leg wraps with your backfoot (traveling) from Sif to Sib.
    To do this you should hold the seat of your uni in the front or by the lift handle (with the backfoot’s hand(backfoot=right then use the right hand)), then do the leg wrap without taking your hand off the seat, do this by bring it back to Sib while doing the leg wrap. Finally return your foot to the crank/pedal.
    If you can not hop Sib then push the seat through your legs after completing the legwrap.

  2. The Seatwrap.
    Do the first step and as soon as you put you foot on the crank (no pedal this time) take the seat from your one hand to the other behind you (again hold the seat in the front/handle). as you do this take your frontfoot off and move it to the side (by your other foot) while you move the seat from sid to sif. After your legs and seat make a line pull the seat inward whil pulling it a little more to sif. Move your foot back to the crank (or pedal) and start hopping again.
    The hardest part IMO of this is returning your frontfoot to the crank (and finishing the trick). I cant explain how you do this very well so sorry about that.

I hope this helped. I know It isn’t much but it is all I can do to help (unless someone wants to buy me a camera).

chill dude, he was trying to be helpful, and came got mixed up with trick names. No big deal. All he has to do is put forth a leg wrap tutorial.