First Everything Video

I put together my first vid as a bit of a joke for my 2 unibuddys who were both injured.Its my first video, first time ive used video software, first time ive ridden my uni on mothers day and first time i played on my trials course that ive started to build in my backyard. (at the moment its held together with nothing…lol) It is missing a few things…like cool uni tricks…but i had lotsa fun making it and figure i can only improve from here…enjoy!!

hope this link works:

Fun Christine … a right goodie and terrific first effort. Enjoyed your enthusiasm immensely.
At what age did you start riding?

Thanks Shug. I started riding 19 months ago, just before my 45th birthday.Been doing mostly muni riding but im loving everything now.Just wish my body could do what my mind imagines it can! LOL

cool video looks like you have a lot of fun,I see you don’t have to go far for some muni by the look of the yard.:slight_smile:

You go girl, congrats on riding!

Will show your vid to my wife, she gave up learning to uni :frowning:

Loved it! You have really progressed. With all the laughter and smiles you almost don’t need music. :slight_smile:

I look forward to more of your vids.

'Specially muni. :wink:

Really enjoyable video, I actually enjoyed it more than many videos with a lot better riders (Not that you aren’t good.).

Try to have a look at the pallet gap. You jumped way longer than you needed to. It looks like you pretty easily could land a longer gap.

Also, your hops on the spot are really high, they don’t need to be that high. Try working on getting them smaller if you are getting tired fast. Otherwise they’ll get smaller naturally with time.

Once again - Nice video.

That was a fun video. I especially liked the intro :slight_smile:

You should definately do that! It took me a couple of weeks to get any distance on the uni but im so glad i kept getting on on trying, cos uniing is the bestest fun in the world! :smiley:

Thanks everyone for your positive and kind feedback. I really really appreciate all your comments. Todayu I have a big big smile on my face!!:slight_smile:

wow thats the best compliment ever thank you! Thanks for the advice too. I shall try to do smaller hops and a bigger gap.And when i can i’l do another vid and you can tell me what u think.I do get tired hopping.At the moment im learning to hop up steps.problem is my friend worked out i do about 36 hops for 3 steps! ( no wonder i get

Great job! Way better than my first video. or many of the others for that matter.
I like your trials course; Looks fun to ride.
In the video, I like the story you added, teasing your friends that they cant ride.
And the music, scenery are great. Editting, the only thing is we cant hear you talking… if you can adjust the music volume for those clips.
But overall, great first video! Hope we see more of you.

Best acronym ever!!!

Way to go and excellent first entry! :smiley:

I’ll look forward to your next vid. :slight_smile: