First-ever underwear seat

My air-seat had a slow leak. I wasn’t able to fix it today.

Riding on a uni with a deflated air-seat is really unpleasant. It’s like
getting home an finding that you’d accidentally left a carrot grater in
your pants again.

Thinking on my feet (or on my seat) this afternoon, it occurred to me that
I’d have a really uncomfy 5-mile ride home unless I could remedy the
situation. At work I had a few changes of clothes, but most of the items
were too bulky to replace the innertube. I had to go with a spare pair of
underwear (nice rhyme there).

Has anyone else ever had to ride an underwear seat before? I have a
feeling this may be a first.


So Socks count as underwear? My old Schwinn seat is wrapped in socks.

Never tried tighties or boxers though.

i dont use air seats anymore but when i did thats why i always put the tube under the foam, just in case.

i have used carpet cut into shape instead of foam before when i didnt have any, it works

You’re still using a seat? Sissy.

not a new problem: