'First ever "real" ride on my new 3-wheeled giraffe'

So I finally got myself a giraffe and still don’t know how to freemount it, but since I had my video camera and this was the first time riding the giraffe around a lot of people, I decided to say this was my first “real” ride on the giraffe. The video is only about a minute long and pretty lame but hey I don’t know any cool giraffe tricks yet…


is it harder to ride than a normal giraffe uni?

No, it just has more resistance to turning the pedals, because of all the friction between the tyres and in the hubs, etc. But the principle is exactly the same.

it’s a bit harder when the leg extensions get loose because the frame twists, but yeah the only difference is the rolling resitance which doesn’t feel any larger than trying to get my 36’er going up a small hill from a dead stop. Once you get going it’s really easy and I don’t notice the resistance though.

God dammit you win :roll_eyes:

what did I win? was there some sort of contest or something? what’s my prize?

That’s cool, can/have you wheel walked it?

I haven’t had the courage to wheelwalk it yet… I’m going to try 1 foot riding and 1 foot idling today though… then I’ll probably try wheelwalking…


how much harder is it to ride a giraffe uni then a normal one?

once you get used to it, not that much harder…

There was something really motivational about that video. I think it was the music.

Congrats on the ride :slight_smile:

thanks picking the music took the longest, I think I spent too much time on that… it’s good to know it works…

Beat me haha

what’d I beat you at?

I’m refuring to the bet I made on msn a while ago

Nice tricycle.

oh yeah…

i’m wondering if anyone has used different sized wheels… a poor mans geared giraffe.

trivia - in california, a giraffe that uses a chain drive is legally considered a bike. All other uni’s (including yours) are considered pedestrian.

So… where you get it, and how much? I’m getting some kind of giraffe for christmas, and I need to look for a good deal :smiley: