First Ever Game Of Uni at Toque!!!!


I had an idea last night to try to start the first ever flatland street trick game of UNI. If you’re not aware of UNI here are the rules, or something like them.
Basically the game is like pig in basketball. A person does a trick (A trick being one move that could be busted down a set. Unispins, flips, spins, a mix, moves like that done switchand, goofy, fakie, blind, normal, or any of the sort for challenge) if successful the following person has two tries (It’s usually one, but this makes the game last longer) to hit the trick or else one letter in correspondence to position is given. U-N-I. Until the “I”, then after the two misses, the person can choose a third try to hit the trick, or a “prove it” putting the rider that hit the trick on the spot to hit the trick again with one try, to eliminate the rider that called “prove it”.
The Order is a bit confusing. The trick list goes A-B B-C C-D and so on. Meaning that If person (a) hit a trick, person (b) has two tries, if they hit it, or miss it both tries, they get to do their own trick afterwards for person © in the order of people playing,(Unless person (b) has to call “prove it”, and the person hits it, or 3rd try, and fails completely, then they’re out, going on to person © for a clean trick choice) so no trick carries on more than one person. Note: No trick can be done by the same person twice, but a trick can be repeated by another rider.

The game would be brought together one of the days in Toque where the most street riders were present. Depending on the amount of people we have, we could set up divisions. But that’s all pending on how many riders there are, and age differences.

E-mail me if you’re interested, or want more information. This is just in the starting plans. I could use any help I could get as well. Maybe this could be a yearly thing at Toque. An actually street comp. where all we need is flat ground and a little room.
-Shaun Johanneson

I like it a lot, espicaly in a street riding enviorment. Wate Is this the first Unicycle game that would directly coraspond to real extrame unicycling?(unlike uni basketball uni hocky Ect.)
I think it is! BRILENT(sp) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

No, its not the first. There have been games (like at Moab) like folow the leader, wich is like completing a muni section and others have to do it, etc. Except it wasnt very ‘official’.

The idea of playing pig or horse on a uni with trials lines has been done, but not very much and not organized in a street setting.

I believe this would be the first ever game with it actually being on the extreme street side of things. I hope it goes through, and a lot of the street riders want to get involved, and also everyone practices more to learn a few more tricks. I want to start a boom in the street skills division.

-Shaun Johanneson

If played on flat ground, it can be thought of as a Freestyle game as well. It sounds like fun, as long as you don’t have too many players! I guess if you do, you break down into smaller groups based on ability level.

hey i was thinking sence you could paly it in street,trials MUni and FREEstyle, youcould allway play like streetuni or freeuni or muniuni (lol) … but then i might be a little long. gest a thought.

Yeah, you could do whatever you’d like. lol. Around here skaters always play flatland skate. And there aren’t enough unicylist around here (not even close, there are just two) that could play a flatland street trick game. So I thought try and organize one at Toque, since there isn’t any real street thing (long jump high jump, blah blah maybe). So yeah, it’s be fun I think. Laters

-Shaun Johanneson

ya skateres gest about everywere play S.K.A.T.E were i am i no of 1 other unicycle who could play,alth i never riden with him(looking at you joe)

Yeah, it’s a good idea. The only problem occurs when some players can do obscure skills that most others have never even tried before.

I used to cheat like this when playing S-K-A-T-E, when i used to skateboard. I could do all sorts of 360 spins and varials in the nollie position that i couldn’t do in the regular, or fakie position. Maybe i skated with the wrong foot forward, who knows, but i’d always win competitions by doing stuff like that. It gets even worse when people start doing pointless/weird tricks that they invented, like some of the flatland and old-school Rodney Mullen stuff. Then it just becomes a competition of who has practiced the most obsure tricks the day before the competition.

Maybe if skills/tricks became too obscure, there could be a rule that restricted them from being used in a U-N-I competition. Who knows? It would be fun, either way, though.

You’re right, but that’s why I stated it has to be able to be done down a set. Not saying a big set. But interesting foot unispins couldn’t be used cause they couldn’t be done down sets. But a 360 unispin could be used and along those lines. It’s the tricks wehre there are actually two tricks in the combo that can’t be used.

-Shaun Johanneson

I think Toque should have a Street Freestyle competition as well. Maybe I’ll go next time and offer to help set one up…

were is torque

Yeah I agree, but I want you to define freestyle for me in that sentence. I wanted to just stick with street tricks that could be done down sets. None of the riding styles (since there are all ready comp. for that.)
-Shaun Johanneson

TOque is in Toronto in the late-Winter/early-Spring.

I don’t thing that everything should have to be done down stairs. There should be all sorts of obstacles set up, like a street course, kinda, and you just do any trick/line. Like Dan Heaton’s ‘jump up the ledge and 540 off’ in U2, or a 360 unispin on flat. Just like S-K-A-T-E, you can do anything, but there should be a judge that disallows obscure crap that is more indicative of eccentricity than skill. If you want to make it exclusively a street competition, the judge can also disallow freestyle and trials tricks/skills.

Oh, and, in case it hasn’t been mentioned and we’re keeping a record, another rule is that you can’t repeat a trick, once it’s been landed.

I see where you’re going. But flatland tricks make it a lot more legit. It’s simply a flatland game of UNI with street tricks. I like the judging Idea too, i had that in mind and forgot to mention it. sorry.

Hey all Im going to play some uni tomorow when i go street riding with a friend who gest baught a KH 20 YA baby i get to ride it tomorow YES!!!well ill tell you how it went.

I wish I were good enough to play this type of game, I can go forwards, but thats about it. a little backwards to

unifreak, under your avatar it says flip, and it was in the thread, does that mean like physically spinning your body around?

is it like horse? cos its confusing me as it is

“horse? no its not like horse!,” -quote from coop and reemer from base-ket-ball

Sounds way cool. I would love to be at a comp like this where people are actually good. it seems like a cool idea.

yeah, what I understand is that you do a trick, and someone else has to try to copy it. if they can’t successfully do it, then they get a letter. first one to get U.N.I. loses.