First encounter with one of our species

I went on vacation this last week, my daughter and went out to Provo for my nephew’s wedding. I brought my uni ( my daughter just groaned). Provo is a beautiful town and I found some neat spots to ride, and got my niece hooked she’s gonna buy a uni when she gets home. then we went to the Flaming gorge and I rode some of the easy hiking trails but my sun with the road tire just wasn’t up to it. I rode down on the beach on the hard pack and that was really different and challenging. But then we went to Steamboat Colorado and I got up early for my morning ride (awesome bike paths). When I got back to the hotel there was this n15-16 ish kid out in the parking lot riding around on a torker trial uni. He told me that he saw me leave and tried to catch up. Anyways he showed me a few things and let me try his, he tried mine and asked how I could do anything on it(right after he 180 jump mounted and did a 360 spin with it). He was super nice and a really sweet guy to meet for the first other unicyclist I’ve met, plus My skills made him look really good to all his buddies and girls on the trip he was on. So then I was wandering around steamboat and found a sweet deal on a 24" torker with magura brakes, so I bought it. What a difference. If the rest of the uni community is anything like the kid in steamboat I can’t wait to meet more. I stoked, going bacl outside to ride. Thanks Guys.