First Dutch Championships of uni racing

About a week ago, we organised the first Dutch (open) championships of unicycle racing. We had almost 30 competitors from all over the country, and two from abroad. Three races were on the program: 5 km for max wheel size of 24" (0 - 12 years, 13+ years) and 10 km (unlimited, all ages). It was a fun day, enjoyed by all, and we had quite a bit of press coverage, including even a short mention on national tv. Since it was quite a success, we are planning to have a 2011 edition, also featuring shorter races and more disciplines, e.g. freestyle.
Video (of local tv station, featuring the 0 - 12 years race)

What is it?

Dear Klaas Bil,

Thank you for sharing the photographs. I have a question about one of the pictures:


What type of unicycle is it?


The guy holding it built it himself. I thought the frame was aluminium but another participant told me after the race day that it was (partly?) wood. The chainrings on the wheel are now passive, but around 2002/2003 he had this wheel in another home-made frame in which he experimented with gearing, with an additional axle with chainrings attached to the frame just above the wheel, and a double (concentric) axle through the hub.

Looks like a good time was had by all. The video of the kids racing is great.