First Distance ride on Nimbus 36"

I did my first distance ride on my new Nimbus 36" today. I covered 18 miles, over a fairly hilly route.

I was very nervous in town as I made my way to the country roads that I was planning to ride. I had to make a few stops, and the freemounts were a problem, but I did get going after a few trys. Once I had left town, I got on a lot better, covering about 5 miles before I decided to stop to do some adjustments (to the saddle!). I needed a bit of a break anyway.

The rest of the ride was a lot more hilly, and I am quite happy with how I got on. My main problem on the ride was a problem with my brakes, the wheel is not as true as it could be, and this caused the brake to stick on one section pitching me forward causing a fairly spectacular UPD when I tried to slow down on a short steep hill. I only had a few scrapes, and the unicycle seems alright, I will have to do something about the rim though.

I was quite nervous going downhill after that, and there were a few hills to sort out, on one of the bigger ones, I had to get off and push, it was just not safe for me to just go for it. I will be happier once the rim is a bit truer, and the brake blocks adjusted.

I was running out of time after a while, as I was going out for a meal tonight, so a quick phone call got me a lift home. Not really the way I wanted to finish my ride, but the roads will be there for the next time.

I will have a lot of miles before I am comfortable with the 36" wheel, and my speed today was fairly slow really, but I think I will get there.


I still can’t free mount my 36

So I’m impressed. Seriously, on the first day you got it you just hop on ! Maybe there is not as many walls and posts in your town as mine. And I’m a chicken!
If you turn your wheel and mark the rim where it gets closest to leg on one side… Then loosen 2 or 3 spokes 1/2 turn, that are attached to that side of the hub. Tighten 1/2 turn the spokes at that spot attached to the other side of the hub. This won’t change the wheel roundness, but should fix your side to side trueness.:slight_smile:

Congratulations! There’s nothing quite like riding a 36". It’s great fun. Did you go for a handlebar setup on your Nimbus? And what brakes did you get? Was it you who was adding the V-brakes?

I don’t currently have a brake on my 36" due to lack of hill roads in my area - not a problem where you are, I imagine!

Try fitting a cyclometer, it’s interesting to see how far / fast you’ve gone. The cheapo Halfords own brand ones (mine cost a tenner) can scale up to coker wheel sizes.

I found that I had as much trouble mounting holding on something as I did free mounting. I just have to keep working at the free mounts, and I am sure I will get better. I have just been out a few times, so it is early days yet.

I didn’t go for bars, I may get them later, I will see.

It was the V brake set up I used, I just have to get a spoke key to fit the spokes, I will get it sorted out then.

I used a GPS, that told me my speed, my moving average was 8 mph, which isn’t too bad with the hills and a bit of walking downhill. The max speed was over 15 mph, but that wasn’t as controlled as I would of liked.


Great job, Innes. As you practice on the 36er, you’ll quickly improve your control on it.

the mounts will come easier with each passing time. and my first UPD at speed scared the bejeezees out of me… but it is nice to be able to cover that type of distance isn’t it? :slight_smile: