First 'descent'

Well, as of today, I have a ‘first descent’ on a unicycle. I was riding a trail and I know I’m the first person to ever do it on a uni. How, you might ask? I ran into the guy with the Cat who was cutting the trail, right as it joined into the dirt road at the end. :smiley:

I kinda thought it was loose and a bit ‘unridden’. I just had no idea how much that was true.

Woo hoo! Good times.

I cut trail as I go along.

The FIRST! Its a great feeling to know you’ve “gone where no man has gone before.” Lots of construction going on in my area; I “own” one bridge.:wink:

About a year ago, the small town I work in had a construction project going and moved a massive amount of dirt and created what looked like a small mountain off to the side. Every day I would drive past it and think about trying to ride down it, but I knew my skill level was not up to the steepness or the roughness of riding through/over the bulldozer tracks embedded into the dirt. One Sunday I decided to go for it and made it after 40-50 tries. I was so proud of myself. Two weeks later they used my mountain as fill dirt on another project.