First day unicycling! what do ya think?(vid)

Hey everybody, just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Sky and I just got my first unicycle this afternoon, it’s a torker CX- looks kinda weak and I’m sure it is, but hey it’s something to learn on and I can always upgrade later. Didn’t want to drop $250 on one then find out I didn’t like it.
Anyway here’s a short repetitive vid of me after about 2 hours of practice, what do you think?
I usually have pretty good balance so I think I’m going to pick this up pretty quick.
Disclaimer on this vid, only the first 40 seconds are of me unicycling, the rest of the footage is of me doing other things I enjoy- most of the footage is about 6-8 months old, except of course the beginning which was from this afternoon.

hopefully tomorrow it’ll stop raining and I can try it outside.
Anywho, give me some feedback and let me know whatcha think!

thanks everyone

Wow!!! thats pretty good for your first day, lots of ppl, it takes them a few days just to go a few feet, keep up the goodwork =p

if iit was really only your first day you pick it up fast