first day practice

yup, it’s lame, no editing, dark room, right from cam to upload. Oh yeah and boring. Repetitive practicing. I had already done my very first 10 mins (with spectacular fall) before grabbing the camera.

I remember doing exactly the same thing. I left tire tracks on the walls and eventually had to paint over them because they didn’t wash off. I ended up with bruises on my legs from those damned things that stick out from the fork on Torker unicycles. I got all superstitious about everything (“my right pinky was extended and I got 3 revs that time. Right pinky must be the key.”).

Thanks for the reminder of what it’s like at the very beginning.

There’s just too many videos out there of people who are good making vids. That especially goes for beginner howto vids as well. Who knows, maybe I’ll get some cool spectacular crash captured. The first one (before starting video) pretty much just involved several cardboard boxes and some toys.