First day on my Oregon

No fancy tricks, I weigh 270.

Nice. You’re bulldozering right over bumps. How do you like it compared to a skinnier tire?

“Look at that guy on a unicycle”
Other Cow:
“Where’s his other wheel??!!”

I feel more stability on this unicycle. It seems just right for my spot riding style. My favorite thing to do is find a challenging spot and make it over and around.

lol. I try to do something silly in each video.


Great video Brickman

Nice vid…looked like you were having a good time. The cows were an unexpected, funny surprise, and the music sounds like you pulled it from a '70s adult movie.

Good vid, and the cows stole the show:D
Is that a brand new Oregon, or new to you?
It looks like the new Oregons are out now (or at least somethings in stock) and wondering if anything different from last years models.
If indeed they are new models. :thinking:
Have fun on the new toy…It looks great.

Notice how cows scatter when something larger than them enters the field :smiley:

It is the new one with a Marge lite rim and Nate tire. I like it.

You seem so chill. I envy your style.

That tyre looks big enough to take down those cows, no wonder they scattered!


That is one very neat uni BrickMan :slight_smile:

I’ll bet that’s real fun. It would be great on the beach rolling down the sand dunes .It’s good to see another Oregon video on ‘youtube’, there aren’t many on there for folks to look at.
Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: