First Day of Spring

a short video i made, i hope you enjoy it! :slight_smile: Feedback is appreciated! :sunglasses:


Nice skills :slight_smile: first time I’ve ever seen a back flip from pedal grab.

Suggestions: not bad but not a great choice of music IMO.
More camera angles, eg ~ 0:53 put the camera on the side of the road, do some tricks for a while, then move it more tricks, and move it again, maybe change the camera height and/or tilt.

Very good!

thanks for the comments, and yes i know camera angles etc. could be better, but for a quick video i didn’t want to care to much about the filming, and just go out to ride…thanks for the feedback on that anyways :slight_smile:

A Unicycle and a Unimog in the same video…Don’t get much better.