First cuckoo of spring

At last, back on the uni! I haven’t ridden since about the first week of January due to pressures of work, overtime, constant bad weather, and other commitments. In that period, I’ve sold two unicycles to make room: the Coker and the Road Razor. It was starting to feel like I’d never ride again.

But now we’re back on British Summer Time and tonight was my first free evening since the clocks changed. I’m so dreadfully unfit these days that when I walked seven miles last Monday, I was hobbling about like an invalid all day Tuesday. So I decided to keep it simple: no GPS, no backpack, and take the Bacon Slicer. That should keep me out of trouble.

For those of you who don’t know the Bacon Slicer, it is a 700c with a super skinny 23mm tyre pumped up to 130 psi (9 Bar) and with 114 mm cranks.

I freemounted first time and did a quick lap of the rowing lake - 5 kilometres give or take. Plenty of bird life, the sun low in the sky, the lake gently rippled, and everything slightly hazy. The sky was pastel and the distant trees were a watercolour blur.

5 km into the ride I UPDd on a ballast track. A couple of hundred metres later, I UPD as the skinny slick tyre sliced down into the soft soil beneath damp grass. Other than that, a clean ride and very very good to be back in the saddle.

Now to build up some stamina and think of some quiz questions.

Hah, the Bacon Slicer! Sounds like a fine machine to ride around a lake in the springtime.

Good to hear that you’re back. I look forward to some more great write ups.

Less flora and fauna questions and more Laurel and Hardy ones please.

wondering about the title of your post …

I guess it refers to this “tradition”:
if you have a penny in your pocket when hearing your first cuckoo song of the year it’s a good luck sign for your wallet:) …
…I doubt about the efficiency of the process though :thinking:

Why, certainly!

All the questions will have black and white answers.