First Crankflip!

Here is my first crankflip please submit feed back :smiley:

very nice.


gonratulations :slight_smile:


Very nice, :smiley:
I just landed them last week

Good Job!

I’ve been working on them since march, and still haven’t landed one. Im getting close tho, i can land my back foot everytime but my front foot is really far away and i can never get it back on the pedal.

what he said is correct, but a lot of peoples first flips were like that. Like mine for example. I promise they will get better. Congradulations on landing an awesome trick. before you do any variations, I do recommend that you should learn to do them off stuff too.


I just landed my first two weeks ago (and landed it down four stairs yesterday)!

Whoo alright yeah ahuh! Great work Kevin. But yeah try to snap it like the others are saying. Other than that, go find some sick sets.