First Crankflip !!!!!

Today I desided to work on crankflips before i went to camp and i finally landed some. The video is very grainy and the crankflips are not nearly as clean and smooth as I would like them to be, but I am going out of town soon and i did not have much time to work on them so i desided to post the video. Tell me what you think thanks.

props, I’ve never seen a girl do a crankflip. Though probably some have.

yea I watched most of it, but I dont remeber it all, so how many girls can? She could be like number 10 in the world that is a girl who learned it.

Thank you:) , and i would like to know how many girls have landed it if anyone knows.

makes me look like a panzy…
i can barely land a uni spin…
good job!!

Great job! My uni’s at the shop getting fitted with koxx cranks. That will be my next trick to learn.

One question though: Isn’t it harder getting the cranks to spin when you’re on grass?

Good job:) ! I wish I could do that:(