First Coker Spill

Since I took delivery of my Coker in the middle of May, I’ve ridden it to
work once a week. Except last week.

Cindy evidently didn’t appreciate the lack of attention, and this morning,
in a fit of pique, she threw me.

I’m not sure how fast I was going - certainly in the range 10-13mph, and
I’ve a feeling I may have been bending forward to read the computer at the
time (bad idea). Suddenly I was rolling across the cyclepath (glad of my
martial arts training). I landed on my Camelbak - fortunately the bladder
wasn’t damaged.

I suffered a grazed knee, a grazed hip, and a skinned finger. Nothing
really hurt except my pride and my finger (and the pride wasn’t too badly
damaged, since there was no-one around to see it). I spent the day in
front of my keyboard trying to remember to use an alternative finger for
the letters S, W & X.

The ride home was a bit better. I passed a few spare-wheelers and asked
one of them if he found his extra wheel slowed him down.

Danny Colyer (remove safety to reply) “The secret of life is
honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made” -
Groucho Marx

Danny Colyer wrote:

> I passed a few spare-wheelers

I like that!

John Hooten