First Coker Ride of the Season! And I'm on TV!

So, I rode my coker to the YMCA yesterday to practice some juggling.
I had about a five pound bag on my back and I suck at freemounting anyways cause I only rode it a few times last fall as I just got it.
Well anyways, I turn a corner and low and behold there is a guy filming me. I get closer and realize that it’s a newscrew.
Well my school district is having budget problems so there arn’t gonna be any buses for the high school next year. So they filmed me. Also, my first succesfull/non-wobbly coker freemount that day was on tape, to bad they didn’t show it on the show. But they did show some of my interview and a clip of me riding up to them and me riding away!
So here it is:!


The sound didnt work for me, so I couldnt hear anything you said, but I could see you cruising along. That bag looked huge. :slight_smile:

You looked great riding. And sounded great too. I’ll bet the news crew was exicted to be able to add you to their story.

I thought your bag looked huge too… No telling how heavy it was. :astonished:

haha sweet dude…and you just happen to be there haha

Yeah, the guys were really cool. They asked me if it picked up chicks, but that obviously didn’t make it in. I think the bag looked big because alot of the stuff was falling towards the back so it strechted it out bigger than it was, even though it still was big.
The only thing I regret now is wearing that sweatshirt on my ride, I had my mountain uni shirt on underneath and by the time I got to the YMCA I was sweating alot.

Yeah, it was a really huge right place at the right time thing.

What a stroke of luck and it fit with the story theme of alternative transportation as a substitute for the bus.

Bummer about the school bus service being cut back. That’s going to be inconvenient.

That didn’t work for me at all all I saw was a dude on a comercial talking about burger kings could someone post a link that works.

Darn, I can’t get it to work in firefox or iexplorer. I’ll tell you it’s frustrating that anytime there’s something run by Windows Media Player it’s about a 25% chance it’ll work for me.

It looks like their site is broken because none of the videos are working. It worked earlier and I saved the video. I have put the video in my Monster gallery (scroll to the bottom).