First Coker MUni

Well, I did it. I took my Nimbus Titan off road. Did about 7.66 miles of rails to trail trail this morning. I have to say that a 36 really feels like it will roll over most anything on fairly flat terrain. I loved it. There is more Cooker MUni in my future.

Is it a stock nimbus titan?

I’ve been considering getting one, trying to decide between the 29er and 36er, as I want to be more commutter-like, but still want to do muni on occasion, just not sure whether a 36er is good for it. Just figured that the nimbus (now UDC) titan cranks would bend, or whatever else.

Also, is a coker stronger for this, or what?

36er’s can be great Muni’s, just ask Nurse Ben, he’ll tell you. For lighter Muni or XC the Titan should be awesome. Looking at mine, I think the quality is excellent, and wouldn’t hesitate to ride some trails with it, provided they weren’t too crazy, moreso now that MTUni’s done it.

If you want to get into the crazier stuff, you gotta be careful cause the Titan is a square taper setup, whereas you’d be better off with isis. But with the Stealth2 rim, and super wide hub, I really feel like the wheel set is the strong point of the Titan.

I love my Titan, and so far, have nothing bad at all to say about it. I did get my first flat today and I’m out of patches, so that sucks, but in no way a fault of the uni’s. :roll_eyes: A 36er will revolutionize your riding IMO, and I cannot stress that enough. I’ve become a much, much better Muni rider due to my Titan, and for that I love it to death.

I took the plunge and ordered a Titan this week since UDC has them on sale right now for $400 even. Hard to beat that price for a 36. I don’t plan to do any MUni on it like Nurse Ben, but I probably will ride some fire roads (XC) with it. I agree that the wheel set is the strong point of the Titan.

I have ridden a 29er before, but this will be my first ride on a 36. I can’t wait!

Yeah, it’s funny, two weeks after I bought mine, they went on sale! :stuck_out_tongue: Oh well. You’ll love yours I’m sure.

I received my titan a little over a week ago and had one great ride on it. I took the frame to a local powder coating place and also ordered alloy cranks & seat post, KH t-bar, KH saddle. I should have it all put together this week.


I think that is one of the nice things about the Titan. It is a blank canvas just waiting for an upgrade or something custom.

For those of you concerned about durability, keep in mind I am not petite (225lbs on a light day). I did ditch the stock plastic pedals for some cheap aluminum platforms with pins from UDC, but other that that my Titan is stock. The trail I rode is pretty flat – MapMyRide says I gained 650 feet in elevation. I’m not doing drops, but there are some bumpy places. So far, nothing has broken, bent, or fallen off (other and me). For what it is, the Titan is grand. I think the Titan is a wonderful entry into the 36 world and I’m thinking I’ll have to work pretty hard to break it.

Last weekend at the Douthat Muifest there were quite a few 36er munis, two of my rides were on a 36er, did a bunch of moderate climbing, love how that tire cruises over obstacles. On the Sunday morning ride I was really happy to have that big wheel, what started as a single track out and back, turned into a single track/double track loop with a bit of asphalt on the way home.

Big wheels rule!

Now if only I had a gear reduction hub, 0.66:1, that would be the ticket for handling the big climbs :slight_smile:

I did my first “double-track” trail yesterday on my 3-day old Titan with 140mm cranks. I was actually surprised by the hills I was able to climb on it. I really expected to have more trouble, but once you get that heavy wheel spinning, it really doesn’t want to stop (uphill or downhill). I definitely see the 36er being enjoyable on several types of trails. However, the high speed and low maneuverability would become an issue on a tight, twisty, technical trail.