First Coker Experience

first of all, let me say ‘WOW!’

secondly, allow me to say ‘respekt’
complete and total, sepulcheral wall to wall respekt to anyone who’s ever taken this machine off-road
even just riding close to the side of the road was enough to give me the screamin’ heebie jeebies

craig mullen, a unicyclist who’s competed in t some of south africa’s premier cycling events , came to the club last night and brought his coker along

after a severely assisted mount, i figured out that the coker feels weirder to ride than i could explain at the time
eventually got the hang of it and managed to keep my weight going forward and managed to scare the daylights out of myself by getting some speed going
without even trying
a bit more practise thru the evening saw me freemounting the machine a couple of times and (eventually!!) idle
140mm cranks, for what it’s worth

i’ve recently thought about entering the 94.7 cycle challenge on my 24" 'cause it’s all i have
i might have to make a plan…

I’m glad you finally got your chance! At least we know there is one more Coker-owner soon to come :slight_smile:

You’ve taken your first steps into a much larger world

Ah man brother preach it

And you idled it on your first evening? Respec’ is due.

Congrats on your fun ride. I don’t think I’ll be a Coker owner anytime soon becuse I don’think it would be my cup of tea. However, that said, I would really like to try one someday just to have the experience. You’re very lucky to have had that chance.


I take my Coker to juggling festivals where first time riders usually respond the way you just did. [I wish uni dot com sent me commissions, I’d have grocery money for weeks!] After a few minutes of hand-holding and my “don’t make me stand here and watch you freemount, it wastes my time and you will be embarassed when the seat hits pavement” lecture the juggler is pedaling along saying “WOW!” The athletic young ones will often hop and idle on their first ride, geezers may take fifteen minutes just to get the hang of it. They all go so fast that I have to run to keep up with them.
Take your Cokers to festivals, Gentle Readers, you will make friends.