first clip

it took me lik 3 minuets its pretty bad poor quilty and 8 seconds

i was scared on that one because i forgot mY six six ones and it was scary

what si that ? a crnakflip a half crankflip ?

half crank flip im trying to lern fulls but cant keep it under me

jump foward… just go like ud spin a half one but keep ur feets up more

thank you ill shall try that later tonight and probly have a short clip by moring

nice… you try to roll them right ?..cauz if your trying static that is a very bad aproach… it might seem easyer at the begining but rolling gives you momentum

i do both rolling and static i couldent rol;l for there was no room still cant get full flips thats because ive been sick latly and no time to practice but when i get them ill film it and post it up tell then im just resting hopfully be able to ride tomarrow

I learned half flips before full ones and I think it really held me back. Its really hard to change a technique after so long. For me, a crankflip is almost a completely different trick from a half because the technique is so much different. You might have an easier time than I did going to full flips though.

And don’t learn them static, to learn, ride slow and speed up at the last second to add to your momentum.