first clip of me

Hi everyone… this is the first little clip of me I post. It’s not a very good one consdering I hadent been riding for around 2 weeks and it was winter when I taped and I ahd to tape real fast before it got dark. I also wanted to say that that 180 was ment to be a late one… ull understand later… haha anyways, feel free to bitch at me :slight_smile: but ill have a real street vid with my best stuff commin out by this summer… so it wont be that bad :smiley:

here’s the vid :

have fun

Cool, more stairs than I can jump.

But I still don’t believe you exist…


you… look… like… me…

you’ve got the whole sweater and hair going out form under the helmet thing going…


hahaha wtf ??? lol… I can do more then that… Ive done 8 but dint ahve time to go film it… wait until you see the real movie…

p.s I do NOT think I am the best unicyclist !

and murde dont you have red hair ?

Yeah. But it gets brown sometimes.

It’s not like UGLY red-hair… it’s like… ummm amber… ish

oohhhh k … pk on parle pas en francais au juste ?

Well, I’ve only ever jumped a wide 5 stair, and I can do it easily. Because there are NO stairs anywere nearby were I live. I would have to go 50 miles to the next city to find more stairs.

sweet, it looks like stuff I could do. mostly, that is. I need to go film sometime.

haha … forrest uni freak next to my house ther is only a 5-6-7 stairs… the rest I gotta move a bit further… thats why u dint see anyhting in that vid and why its so small…

Ouais t’a raison. Pourquoi on parle pas francais? Ah pi j’ai jamais compris pourquoi tout le monde te donne toujours du bad rep…

Me semble que j’ai jamais vu de super-mauvais posts.

men je sais pas… le monde maime juste pas acose kand kekun et fif bin jy di et sa les fais chier… haha

Genre Evan?

I know french, but dude that last post made no sense. I’m not up on the latest french online speak I guess. :q

my post? is it “genre” that’s troubling you?

It’s kindof a mix between “kindof” and “like” in it’s use.

C’est genre la meme chose que quand on dit “like”.

Cause I was like “HUH”? And he was like “WHA?”

Moi j’etai genre “huh?” pi lui y’etais genre “WHA?”

I’ll explain later if you’re still interrested. I’m off to bed

that was cool maxy. maybe you ARE a unicyclist after all…

i don’t ride trials or street so i don’t know how hard that stuff is, but it looked pretty good.

wheres your rail grinds… that rail on that 5 set is a pretty good one.

but im with the rest of them… that could easy be a stuntman. how can we tell its maxisback?

lmao… tomsey… that rail has been done… just it was all like slipery and I dint feel like dying… how can u tell it’s maxisback ? I can say all the specs on my uni…and dont you worry… my next vid is gonna be at least twice as good… cauz now I trick that 7 set :sunglasses: haha… but anyways thanks to all for the replys… Im suprised no one gaveme hardcore crap yet ! wow

or how aobut you all tell me to do something to proove it’s me, I do it and you all give me EFFING GOOD REP … ?