First Cannondale uni frame

I Made it today. i was dooing a 180 off a side walk.Atleast i broke it just in time for my new 06 KH frame.

you will have to turn around all your components if you want anyone to believe that it is a Canonndale frame, they don’t make a Righty just a Lefty

they made righty too, my neighbour add one and it was righty.

Nice chair, I’ve got a couple of those.

Thanks:) but i got even nicier chair in my home :sunglasses:

Dude, the same thing happened on my koxx-one white russian. Kinda a bummer.

Is it stiff enough to ride without rubbing on the tyre?

Nice guitars by the way.

no, but you can ride it if you dont put weight on the seat…so it’s like an Ultimate Trial wheel! :roll_eyes:

Looks messed up, is that covered in a warranty or anything?

what pedals are they? (guitar pedals that is)

I think that stuff is all his Dad’s, but I might be wrong.

Jacob is your dad a pro musician? Your house had a lot of cool instruments and stuff.

i dont think there was a warranty, and it was 1 year and 2 days old, so i dont think the warranty would work anymore.
they are FAB pedals i think and 1 Cry Baby.
i`ll get back to you on what the are

its my brothers guitar and pedals and everything else…