First Bad UPD

Those unintentional coast UPDs would be fun if they weren’t so scary :smiley:

Is there a good UPD?

I took a digger yesterday on a leafy, rooty downhill. The tire stopped, I kept going, “palmed a root” and may have broken my thumb, gonna wait and see how it feels over the next couple days. So far I’m thinking soft tissue injury…

I tend to dismount early, so I don’t ride the uni into the ground, this keeps me safer and I have fewer injuries.

I perfected the “eject dsmount” after breaking most of my fingers on UPD’s, it’s quite simple:

When you are about to UPD, push off firmly and simultaneously from your three contact points (two feet and one hand), as you push off you let the uni go, then just spot your landing.

I think of the push off as “punching out”, so I push hard and quick, which gives me some extra height, so I have more time to spot a landing and avoid landing on the uni.

If you’re saying to yourself that you don’t always know when you’re going to UPD, all I can say is that you need to learn to be prepared for a UPD all of the time, esp riding off road :wink:

At this point I have fallen so many times that I don’t get hurt often, but I ride 3x a week, so it’s inevitable that I will get hurt once in a while. My hand/thumb injury yesterday was the first hand injury in a year or more. The most recent injury prior to the hand/thumb was a “foot sprain” a couple months ago from landing with one foot on a drainage berm; I don’t count abrasions and pedal bites.

On a bright note, it was my left hand that was hurt (I’m a righty), so I was able to finish my ride, even did some more DH, rode a bunch of mud, and got all my climbs :slight_smile:


(hip) – “a picture’s worth a thousand words…”

hipxray crop2.jpg

Can you tell us the story behind the injury. Hope your done recovering, if not I wish you a good graces! I was out for 6 months after microfracture knee surgery. It felt like quite a long time!


Thanks for your good wishes, but the story’s not very interesting.
The previous day I’d done a ten-mile road ride, but was disappointed in my speed. So on this day I wanted to pick it up a bit. There were dappled lighting conditions on a fast downhill curve, and there was a short, fat stick hiding in a shadow on the pavement. I was going too fast to spot it until the last millisecond.
This happened 3.5 months ago, but I’ve been doing my pt exercises religiously, riding stationary bike, etc. Yesterday I put on my pads, went out and did a half mile.
(Yes, there’s a thread on “hip protection”)

sounds painful! I broke a helmet on a rock today :frowning:

Thank god you were wearing one if you actually managed to break it!

Did you fall or did you break it on a rock in frustration?:stuck_out_tongue:

I fell forward and straight fell on head to rock action!

Of course helmets don’t really do any good… blah blah blah… (Mikefule the amateur troll.):wink:

I miss my sexy helmet :frowning: