First bad scar since Roach pads

Your pedal whips around, and whacks your shin, not a scrape, but a dead-on impact. The resulting injury is two bloody holes, yet for some reason, they don’t bleed, but the holes look alot darker of a red than a typical scrape. You with me?

Well, the first set of these scars I never thought about.

The second set, made me go buy Roach pads

This third set, well, here’s the story…

Setting off for a MUni ride, I had my shin pads in my backpack. Why? I was still in my apartment :frowning:

As I was wheeling the Uni in front of me, headed towards the door, my foot hit a great big patch of absolutely nothing on the carpet, I stumbled forward, the uni kicking back slightly.

As I was falling diagonally down, thinking I was going to fall either on the uni somhow or into my shelving unit, my still solid foot stopped the wheel, jamming it in place now at a 45 degree (give or take) angle from the floor. Still holding onto seat (this all happened quite quick) I fell at a normal falling speed into the now perfectly positioned uni, as my shin smashed into the pedal.

This was the worst ‘head on’ impact I have felt yet while uni-ing.

Not even the ‘I’m hurt dance’* could ease any pain. It throbbed 5 times as long as any MUni impact has.

All within 2 feet of my door, shinpads in my backpack.

Man, it hurt.

So, now I just keep the pads on. Uni-ing, biking, shopping, cooking, taking a bath, etc…

  • The act of running about 3 feet away from the bike/uni you just wiped out on, and dancing around waving whatever just got hurt and saying owie owie owie…

Edit: I said ‘bad scar’ it’s really just a normal scar. ALthough, 6 or 7 of these…


My sister gets injuries like this quite often… and she doesn’t even ride her uni. Those dang storage crates just jump out and bite her in the shins. And they say mountain unicycling is an extreme sport! How about extreme walking?