First attempts at free mounting

Today I tried free mounting for the very first time and got a succes within 5 attempts :slight_smile:
So I put up the camera to shoot some footage.

Needless to say that after this surprise succes the actual ratio turned out to be waaay below 1 in 5.
But in order not to bore you too much I left out most of the fails.

Tips are welcome!

Good work!

The next thing you have to do is to just put your first foot on the back pedal (at 9:15 position) but without putting any weight on it when you jump to reach the other pedal.
The wheel must stay still during this process, like if there was an egg between your foot and the first pedal and you didn’t want to break it.

Just do a quick “rock back”

Not hard.
Train your “top foot” to rock back as soon as you touch the pedal.
You’re upper body will react immediately by leaning forward.
Then you will get into a very stable a “half-idle” stall.

You may master this before what I call the standard “death mount”. (I learn death mount only after being able to do the rock back)
Death mount is what I call the standard 3 and 9 o’clock “zero pedal weight” free mount method. Purists will hate me for that.
I can finally do it, but it really feels like a “leap/go” one motion.

Your body has to be already forward and committed to going.
There is no “stall/stabilize” feeling like you get from the 6/12 o’clock half idle mount.

Give it a try. Looks like you are almost doing it. Keep on.

Now that you can free mount, I suggest you move away from the fence. Nice work!

Looking good. I agree totally, get away from the fence. You’ll learn more and faster in the open. Guarantee you’ll feel better when done too.

Thank you for your comments and tips.
I understand the rail is a both a blessing and a curse at the same time.
It gives a sense of security and even “direction” while being in the open is indeed quite a different experience.

This evening I might get some cycling time and then I’ll focus on:
Cycling into the open
Free mounting without nearby support, so basically forced practice.

While free mounting also trying to do less of a roll-back but keeping pedals closer to 03-09.
I find that in the roll-back mount I end up with my feet at 06-12 which is basically a stall…

There is also reasonable smooth grass at my practice spot which I plan on tackling too.
Now that I can ride on smooth surface I will need to make some sort of progression to something more uneven.
My final goal is being able to ride off-road; our third Unicycle will be a Muni in (probably) the 26” -27.5” range for dad.

We’re actually with three riders, I’ll add some video of the youngest one when I get home this evening.
Unfortunately she is not living with me so she has less practice time
She has already ridden several meters on the grass and did quite well, she also liked this surface better (less intimidating) for trying to free mount.
But I do understand that the uneven surface makes for a more difficult start as the wheel has more tendency to stall.

And here’s a tiny bit of footage of the youngest daughter.
Unfortunately the camera battery was empty so I could only shoot very short clips and then the camera would shut off.

Good on you! Keep having fun!

Nice job.